Delete selected files php

This tutorial explains how to delete selected files php. This example read the files from the upload folder .Then it displays all files in tables as shown below.

There is a checkbox next to each file.On the button submit it goes through the checkbox array and delete the selected files.

CSV to Responsive Tables

CSV to Webpage plugin help to upload content from the CSV (Excel File) file to the pages/post or in widgets (sidebar or footer) in few steps. It is easy to use and simple to implement.

It is possible to upload CSV content to webpage in responsive table format. Data from multiple excel files can be loaded to the webpage using the plugin.

Remove item magento cart redirects homepage

This tutorial explains how to fix the remove item magento cart redirects homepage error.When removing an item from the cart using the remove button in the checkout page it redirects to the homepage.The error is due the redirect function in the cartcontroller.php file

The error can be fix by rewriting the core files. In magento for editing the core files we need to create a module.Please create the following files.

Edit remote files phpstorm

This tutorial explains how to edit remote files phpstorm. Using phpstorm it is possible to edit the remote files without downloading the files. This will automatically upload the files to the server on save.

Here it shows how to connect to the remote sever using the FTP details.Please follow the tutorial for step by step explanation.

Third level category menu opencart

This tutorial explains how to display third level category menu opencart. For displaying the third level menus in the opencart categories we need to make some changes to the core file.

This section explains what are the changes we need to make for displaying the third level subcategories as shown below.