Import magento products

The tutorial import magento products.Please go through the main tutorial which import the categories and attributes and also reads the data from the products.csv file.This section explains how to import the products.

The importproducts() function iterate through the array and creates the simple and configurable products.The options.csv file contains the color options corresponding to each products. Based on that it decides whether to create simple or configurable products.

Import tier prices magento

This tutorial I am explaining how to import tier prices to magento. Tier pricing gives a quantity discount from the catalog list and product detail pages. The discount can be applied to a specific store view or customer group .

In this example I reading the tier prices from the discounts file which I exported from the opencart.

Send files as attachment PHP

This post explains how to send all the files in folder as an attachment using PHP. Then how to move the files to an archive folder and delete the emailed files from the source or placeholder folder.

Here I am explaining how to send all the files in the ‘placeholder’ folder as an attachment.After that it move the files from the ‘placeholder’ folder to ‘archive ‘ folder.