Add custom product attributes Magento

In this tutorial explains how to add a featured product custom attribute field to the product section using the install script.Please also refer the tutorial which explains how to add custom options to the dropdown.

You can also add the attribute to product page using the magento backend Manage Attribute section.But if you add using the setup script it easy to move files from the development database to live without copy the database changes manually.

Import configurable products magento

This tutorial explains how to import configurable products programmatically using magento scripts.Here first it import the child products of the configurable products.

The products are importing based on the following CSV .Please see the previous tutorial which explains how to read data from CSV.

Import categories magento Programmatically

This tutorial explains how to read the data from the CSV file and import categories magento Programmatically.

This program reads the data from the CSV (fig 1) and create the categories as (fig 2) shown below.Please click here to download categories.csv

This tutorial is based on Magento version 1. Please click here to refer the tutorial which explains how to import categories in magento 2 programmatically.

How to create new categories and assigned products to category programmatically magento

This tutorial I am explaining how to create new category and assigned the existing products to that categories programmatically based on the attribute.

Using this program I am creating new category named ‘manufacturer‘ under the root category and two subcategories ‘manufacturer1‘ and ‘manufacturer2‘ as shown below and assigning the products to that category.