create double stroke / border text using CSS

This tutorial I am explaining how to create double stroke / border text using CSS as shown below.

create double stroke / border text using CSS

While developing the website we need to came across the situations like this.We can add the one stroke using the ‘text-stroke’ property and then use the text shadow as shown below.

Html code

<h1 class="heading">
    Double stroke text

create double stroke / border text using CSS

    .heading {
        font-size: 60px;
        -webkit-text-fill-color: #8cc63f;
        -webkit-text-stroke-color: #000000;
        -webkit-text-stroke-width: 2px;
        text-fill-color: #8cc63f;
        text-stroke-color: #000000;
        text-stroke-width: 2px;
        text-shadow: -1px 1px #bd1000, 2px 1px #bd1000, 2px 2px #bd1000, -2px 2px #bd1000;

Please try the above css code for getting the double stroke text and if you have any further queries please post a comment below.

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Display RSS Feed

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I have created this plugin to meet your needs. This help in getting your site automatically updated in line with the other website. This extension helps to read contents of RSS/news feeds and display them on your webpage.You just need to insert the feed URLs of the relevant websites on the webpage where you want to display them after you install this plugin. This plugin support .xmland .rss feeds.

This plugin is very easy to install. Main steps include:

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  • Display images related to post/page in your banner/pages/footer/sidebar
  • Display images from the gallery.

Parameters you can set from the backend

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  • Show/hide pagination
  • Show/hide next and previous buttons
  • Can display images with different dimensions

Photo gallery created using this plugin are responsive with respect to the screen size. This plugin is very helpful for those who manage a portfolio site or any site displaying a series of images or photos.