Table Pagination

This tutorial will explain how to add pagination to the table data. Here I am extending the tablesorter plugin. Using this extended version you do the following functionalities

  1. Can display multiple tables on a single page and add the pagination separately
  2. Can change the number of rows to display for each table separately
  3. Can move to the selected pages on a click
  4. Can also use the first, next, previous and last buttons

Photo Slideshow

Photo slideshow is a responsive wordpress plugin which display photos/image galleries in the banner/page/post/sidebar/footer of your wordpress site. This plugin display images related to a post /page and you can also create your own custom galleries. Images are displayed as a fade in /out slideshow. There is also option to set various parameters from the backend.

Main Features:

  • Responsive
  • Display images related to post/page in your banner/pages/footer/sidebar
  • Display images from the gallery.

Parameters you can set from the backend

  • Show / hide Captions.
  • Show/hide pagination
  • Show/hide next and previous buttons
  • Can display images with different dimensions

Photo gallery created using this plugin are responsive with respect to the screen size. This plugin is very helpful for those who manage a portfolio site or any site displaying a series of images or photos.

News Typewriter

Do you want to display flash news in your webpage or post ? This plugin help to display flash news in your webpage /post as a loop with typewriter effect.
It is possible to customise the display features to sync with the look and feel of your website.

Flash News Fade In/Out

Do you want to display flash news or post content in your post/pages/widgets (sidebar or footer) as a responsive slideshow? This plugin helps to display flash news or custom post types in your WordPress website as a responsive slideshow. You can link your news to the different webpages using the ‘read more’ link .

You can display as many news as you want as a loop. It is possible to customise the look and feel of the flash news area from the backend administrator area.