Mass delete magento 2 categories programmatically

This tutorial explains how to mass delete magento 2 categories programmatically. If you want to delete all the categories of magento 2 programmatically use the following script.Please also refer the tutorial which explains how to import magento 2 categories programmatically.

The following tutorial gives the step by step explanation of how to create the file, connect to magento database externally and delete the categories programmatically.

Insert Update Acf image repeater field programmatically

This tutorial explains how to insert update Acf image repeater field programmatically. Here it shows how to read images from the external folder and add those images to the acf repeater image field.

Please also refer the tutorial that explains how create and update wordpress post using an external script.The data read from the CSV and create wordpress post dynamically.

Insert udpate wordpress post programmatically

This tutorial explains how to insert update wordpress post programmatically. Here it explains how to read data from the CSV file and bulk import content and create the wordpress posts programmatically.

Suppose you are trying add bulk content and images to the wordpress site sometimes it is not practical to create the post from the wordpress admin area. In that case the external script plays a good role.