User role editor access wordpress plugins

This tutorial I am explaining how to give user role editor access wordpress plugins. Suppose you have installed a plugin but the plugin is not visible to the user with role editor.Here I am showing how to make the plugin accessible to the editor without installing the additional plugins or extensions.

In the wordpress repository you can came across lot of the plugins with set user permissions to different roles.But just for a plugin it is not worth to install additional plugins. In that case please use the following code.

Create custom table magento module

This tutorial explains how to create custom table magento module.The module create a table in the magento database using the install script.

With this module it create a table named ‘customer_form_table’ in the magento database with fields as shown below.

Develop admin module magento tutorial

This tutorial explains how to develop admin module magento. Here I am showing how to create a basic admin module in magento. The module allow the user to add their social media links in the magento admin area.It also create a textarea for adding the contact information.

Instead of adding static block for displaying the social media links this module automatically display social links as block.

Delete selected files php

This tutorial explains how to delete selected files php. This example read the files from the upload folder .Then it displays all files in tables as shown below.

There is a checkbox next to each file.On the button submit it goes through the checkbox array and delete the selected files.