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Do you want to display RSS Feeds from other websites into your website?

I have created this plugin to meet your needs. This help in getting your site automatically updated in line with the other website. This extension helps to read contents of RSS/news feeds and display them on your webpage.You just need to insert the feed URLs of the relevant websites on the webpage where you want to display them after you install this plugin. This plugin support .xmland .rss feeds.

This plugin is very easy to install. Main steps include:

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Enter the shortcode or widget where you want to display the feeds (post, page, sidebars or footer)
  • Can display multiple rss feeds in a single page

Please click here to see detailed instructions and live demo.

Additional Features:

  • Show / Hide heading
  • Show / Hide title, creation date and description
  • Show / Hide thumbnails
  • Hyperlink / Unlink the title
  • Enable/disable pagination
  • Show / Hide ‘read more’ link

It is possible to customise the display features to sync with the look and feel of your website. The customisation features include:

  • can set the height and width of News/RSS display
  • can set border colour, background colour and border width to the content area
  • can set heading font size and colour
  • can set title font size and colour
  • can set description font size and colour
  • can set read more font size and colour
  • can set creation date font size and colour

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46 comments on “Display RSS Feed

  1. Bakari on

    Okay, I downloaded your plug-in, and yes it’s “easy to install,” but I have no idea what you mean by “Enter the shortcode or widget where you want to display the feed.” I assume I’m supposed to know what that means, but sorry I don’t. Do you have some visible step by step instructions for that? Thanks.

  2. Craig on

    This plugin does not work. On activation it generates a FATAL Parse error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /www_root/wp-content/plugins/rss-feed-parser-pearlbells/rssToWebpage.php on line 26

    I’m unable to even activate the plugin.

  3. E F on

    hi there, thx for the plugin, but for soe reason not getting any feed to my Newspage.

    I have enclosed a few pics to see my settings.
    Please advice, what am I doing wrong.

    thx for the help,


    • pearl on

      Hi Roel ,

      Thanks for using my plugin.

      I have tested the feed you send it seems working for me. I am attaching a screenshot.

      Display rss feed sample

      Please check the theme header.php if it contains the following line.

      wp head function

      If not please add the line just before the tag.

      Hope it help. If you have any further queries please let me know.


  4. Dan B on


    I’m having issues with the Display RSS Feed plugin, which is generating parsing errors even after disabling all other plugins.

    I suspected an issue with the xml feed so I scrubbed the feed through Feedburner first, which then generated 500 server errors.

    It’s basically unusable now so I had to disable it.

    Any ideas?


    • pearl on

      Hi Dan ,

      For uninstalling first you need to remove the shortcode from the wordpress page.

      Then go to plugins -> installed plugins section and click ‘Deactivate’ as shown below.

      Display rss feed


  5. Roël John on

    Thx 4 the plugin. The reason i need it is indeed to have fresh news on my page. I installed the plugin, looked at the settings, seems ok, and I also pasted this short code [pearl_rss_feed_parser_display rss_url= https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/rss%5D in the NEWS page. So far nothing is happening. So I have a few questions…. I used WPeMatico before, it does everything, pulling rss, displaying in post/news, but expensive, I rather support you. When is ur plugin pulling in posts from other sites? Can u set a time frame?
    What am I doing wrong here? 🙁


    • pearl on

      Hi Roel ,

      Thanks for using my plugin.

      With this plugin you can display the latest news/post from other site in your website using rss feeds.There is no need to set a time frame it always loads the latest news.

      Hope this help. If you have any further queries please let me know



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