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Do you want to display RSS Feeds from other websites into your website?

I have created this plugin to meet your needs. This help in getting your site automatically updated in line with the other website. This extension helps to read contents of RSS/news feeds and display them on your webpage.You just need to insert the feed URLs of the relevant websites on the webpage where you want to display them after you install this plugin. This plugin support .xmland .rss feeds.

This plugin is very easy to install. Main steps include:

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Enter the shortcode or widget where you want to display the feeds (post, page, sidebars or footer)
  • Can display multiple rss feeds in a single page

Please click here to see detailed instructions and live demo.

Additional Features:

  • Show / Hide heading
  • Show / Hide title, creation date and description
  • Show / Hide thumbnails
  • Hyperlink / Unlink the title
  • Enable/disable pagination
  • Show / Hide ‘read more’ link

It is possible to customise the display features to sync with the look and feel of your website. The customisation features include:

  • can set the height and width of News/RSS display
  • can set border colour, background colour and border width to the content area
  • can set heading font size and colour
  • can set title font size and colour
  • can set description font size and colour
  • can set read more font size and colour
  • can set creation date font size and colour

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58 comments on “Display RSS Feed

  1. Laura Edgar on

    Dear Pearl
    Can you just show me exactly what the code and tags or whatever should look like in the text editor (not visual editor_ Meaning would the shortcode be place alone or would it be surrounded by html frame (forgive me I don’t know the terms) The reason I am asking is because it keeps popping in and out sometime I have to refresh the browser to make it show up. Here’s the feed address.

    • pearl on

      Hi Laura

      Thanks for using my plugin. No need to enter any html tags with the shortcode. Please select page or post you want to display the rss feeds and enter the shortcode as shown below.

      RSS Shortcode


  2. Laura Edgar on

    Thank you so much for fantastic plugin. Is it possible to change the “read more” links in the actual feed on the main front static page of the site? And also (not a developer) Should I put any tags around the shortcode in the text editor like bastic “head” “title” “body” etc. I am kinda confused about the text editors in wordpress weather I am supposed to set everything up inside tags or not. Silly question I am sure. I have been posting for years in the visual editor and never worried about the tags. lol. Thanks Lori E.

  3. chris mitchell on

    There is an image in the rss. Is there a special tag that I have to use for a thumbnail?

    You can see the feed at grandlagoon.org/halfhitch for an example.

    You will notice that there are two different feed plugins installed, yours and another. The other displays the image that is on the page, and yours displays nothing. How do I get the image to display in your plugin?

    • pl_admin on

      yes usually you have special tags in the rss for displaying images ( media:thumbnail ). But using this plugin you can display that image but you need to make a small change.

      wp-content/plugins/rss-feed-parser-pearlbells/includes/data.php line number 70
      $html .= "


      replace with
      $html .= "

      ".trim(substr($rssData->description,0, 600))."";

      600 means set the number of characters you want to display in the description.


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